October Creator of the Month – Demongund

It’s October! Okay, yeah you probably already knew that. But what you didn’t know, until you read the title, is that Demongund is our October creator of the month. If you’ve been around TaleSpire for any length of time you’ve probably heard him, seen him, seen his work or any of the above.

He has been around here since the start of Beta, and has created some of the highest quality work in his builds. Forge of Fury and Curse of Strahd are his standouts and he’s got full collections you can check out. Curse of Strahd Collection and Forge of Fury Collection.

He’s collaborated with Istallri, Hollofox and the modding community, worked with John from BlueBoxRPG and has an incredible patreon where he interacts and creates incredible encounter boards. He has two youtube channels one for Demongund and one for Virtual Tabletop Journey, plus we even have some things going on with him that are in the works now and can’t wait to see them. So he’s one busy guy.

But who is Demongund? He’s a dad and long time video gamer. He loves building maps and creating quality work for TaleSpire and it shows.

Great job again and congratulations Demongund! Keep up the good work.

Featured Demongund Slabs & Boards

6480 Assets75w x 67d x 38.5h
5954 Assets71w x 60d x 18.75h
4110 Assets56.25w x 25.5d x 59h
3773 Assets64w x 65d x 21.75h

Hero Forge, Dimension 20, Demiplane and much more!

The month of August and early September brought us so much more in the world of TaleSpire and Tales Tavern. So much I can barely keep it all straight, but let’s give it a go anyways!

Hero Forge Integration Coming

Hero Forge Integration Confirmed!

On September 1st, Bouncy Rock officially confirmed that Hero Forge integration is coming to TaleSpire. We don’t have an official release date yet and there is much to be done, but it’s coming. They’ve told us there will be more information about this awesome partnership coming later this month.

Now one concern that has been brought up is the cost, so let’s clarify a few things: First, Hero Forge integration is NOT Tale Weaver or a replacement for it. Tale Weaver is still to come and will allow you to create in-game items for free. So if you don’t want to spend, you don’t have to. Hero Forge integration is simply an additional feature in the software.

Second, at present there aren’t any known discounts for Hero Forge minis. Hero Forge is still a separate business and so pricing is theirs to control. Minis can be bought one at a time or through subscriptions if you want to get a bunch and save some.

Dimension 20 now using TaleSpire

We mentioned this announcement last month but wanted to give a quick update. Dimension 20‘s new season “The Seven” began a few weeks back, but this week they finally showed off TaleSpire in live seesion. The combat began as the heroes raced for their (and their beautiful horse’s) lives. Luckily the warrior geese arrived as well to help them. If you want to check it out, subscribe to Dropout TV to catch up on all the story and see the beauty of TaleSpire and Hero Forge in action.

Demiplane for TaleSpire LFG

Bouncy Rock also announced that they are partnering with Demiplane to help players find games to play using TaleSpire. You can connect with it at https://demiplane.talespire.com/ . It’s still fairly new so we’ll see how it grows, but fingers crossed that it will another good resource besides Reddit and the TaleSpire Discord.

New TaleSpire Status Effects, Coloring and Bookmarks

Knockdown and Colored Status Rings

Yes, as if that all wasn’t enough, in the last month we’ve had a number of exciting announcements about updates to TaleSpire.

First, we got bookmarks. You can create create personal markers which allow you to search in the board panel or even create web links that go directly to a location in TaleSpire. This is definitely a great addition for players and builders alike.

Next came knockdowns, the first persistent miniature effect in TaleSpire. Now you can knock a creature prone for whatever reason, whether they were grappled and shoved, or completely knocked out. Thanks to the first of hopefully many mini updates, you can now visibly see this inside the game.

On top of that, we got colored base rings. Now the rim of your minis can be colored, not only just for fun but also to denote certain status effects if you want. This is a fantastic quality of life addition to help with the bookkeeping that is involved in any tabletop roleplaying game.

New Creator of the Month

Just a quick shout-out to Gogots as our new September creator of the month. He’s done a fantastic job and you can read all about him in our formal announcement. Stellar building and keep up the good work!

Asset Replacer Released to the Public

Phew, as if we didn’t have enough going on this month. We’re releasing our asset replacement tool to the public. Visit a slab and it will tell you every asset within, moreover you can replace existing assets using this wonderful little piece of tech! Full disclosure, it’s still early so if you run into issues please don’t hesitate to let us know. Also, not all assets have the same layout and rotation, so while the current version simply replaces, it doesn’t add rotation or movement to the items being replaced (that will be in a future version). So have at it and turn those taverns into dungeons (well sort of) quickly and easily!

Coming Soon! Tales Tavern Store

Yes, that’s right: we’re soon going to be launching a new online store! Buy your Tales Tavern gear and the proceeds go to supporting the site so we can keep it running and add sweeter features. Or you can even design your own gear and purchase it, which we’ll have sent directly to you. If you don’t need gear and still want to support the site, we also have our Patreon which helps fund the tavern and keep the lights on. This is a labor of love but anything to help is more than appreciated!

New Tales Tavern Layout

After a very long time of being focused primarily on slabs and boards, we felt it was time to start helping promote new things that are coming in the world of TaleSpire. In order to foster that we’ve added some new categorization on the Tales Tavern home page, with pages devoted not only to TaleSpire slabs and boards but also to TaleSpire Campaigns and Collections, TaleSpire Creators and TaleSpire Resources. We have a lot more planned (including a new Mini database coming, Updated FAQs, New Tools, and possibly Modding info) but this starting step will help expose more of this one of a kind group of people to each other!

This is all a work in progress so if there are things you’d like to see more of or other ideas you think would help, please come join us on the Tales Tavern Discord. We’re open to hearing it all in hopes of making the best site possible for players, GMs, creators and all of the TaleSpire community.

Thanks for being a Great Community

To close out, I just wanted to post another shoutout for this awesome group of people. Without everyone doing their part – from GMs running games, players playing, creators building fantastical creations, streamers getting the word out, and of course the team at Bouncy Rock – TaleSpire wouldn’t be what it is today. I know I personally can’t wait to see where this goes.

Thanks for your time and passion, we look forward to being your online VTTRPG home for many sessions to come!

September Creator of the Month – Gogots

We’ve made it to September and we’re excited to announce our fifth creator of the month. Gogots is a new creator who was chomping at the bit during Beta and jumped on TaleSpire as soon as Early Access went live. He’s come out of the gate guns blazing and has an impressive array of slabs and boards already with 48 slabs and boards and many of them put into some great collections of modular pieces.

Gogots has been creating maps for role playing games for a long time. First of course in 2d, but now with TaleSpire he’s moved on to 3d and we’re glad to have him. He loves being able to share what he creates as it’s something he’s always done and TaleSpire lets him continue this tradition.

As another french speaker, like our previous Creator of the Month Istallri, he also makes tutorial videos in french you can see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z34qirh_9XY&list=PLtnDce8wD7UGqdEFF69ZapFdIbASDADRF .

As mentioned he’s created a lot of modular slabs such as the set at https://talestavern.com/collections/modular-tiles-2/ and we’re excited to see more to come. He also creates many complex slabs for his games that you can see some featured below or check out his profile for more.

As always we’ll be sending him a Tales Tavern mug and T-Shirt in appreciation for all his hard work. Great job again and congratulations Gogots!

Featured Gogots Slabs & Boards

by gogots
538 Assets18w x 18.25d x 21h
by gogots
1047 Assets34.25w x 34d x 9.75h
by gogots
808 Assets17.75w x 17.5d x 28.75h
by gogots
3181 Assets41w x 40.25d x 14.5h

Welcome Dimension 20 Fans!

Welcome to Tales Tavern and the world of TaleSpire. As many of you Dimension 20 fans may be experiencing this for the first time we wanted to make sure you got a warm welcome and some good tips on TaleSpire.

What is TaleSpire?

TaleSpire is a 3D Online Virtual Tabletop Simulator built for playing Tabletop Role Playing Games, most often D&D 5e or Pathfinder. Anything is possible/ We’ve even seen some creators build boards for games like Warhammer. One benefit, among the many that exist, is truly being able to visualize the scenes when playing. You can watch your characters (and monsters) explore the world like never before instead of imagining tall buildings, chasms, and dungeons. When your Tabaxi rogue runs up the wall to swing off the rafters, it happens in front of your friends.

What is Tales Tavern?

Well besides the site you’re on now, it’s a place where creators post boards, slabs, campaigns and much more for players and GMs alike to share and reuse. You don’t have to build everything yourself: just copy, paste, and start playing. Why work when you can be lazy and cheat recycle other boards?

How do I get started?

Well I don’t want to bore you with too much, but we put together a few guides that may help you get going quicker. Once you’ve bought TaleSpire (or even before) you can go through some of these to understand how the game works with our website.

Dimension 20 Board Creators

You may have come here wondering about who created the wonderful boards used in Dimension 20, well, you’ve found the right place. Those beautiful boards were created by Istallri Astra and Brother Hanan. You may want to check out some of the amazing boards on their profiles.

Featured Istallri Creations

Featured Brother Hanan Creations

Other Resources

If you want some other resources, here’s a few to check out:

Tales Tavern now over 2,500 slabs and boards

We’re so excited to announce that Tales Tavern now contains over 2,500 slabs and boards from beta and early access. It’s been fun to see us close in on this milestone. The initial burst from Early Access was particularly interesting to watch. Gengus, one of our very own builder’s of the month, pushed us over the top with a simple selection of houses slab.

It’s great to see that we average nearly 14 slabs and boards each day. Although some days fluctuate, this amazing community continues to grow. My next goal is to see us hit 5,000 slabs and boards. We also want to achieve 100 campaigns built (we’ve got a ways to go on that one). In case you missed it, our TaleSpire Campaign Library is a hub for more resources beyond a single slab. A campaign is helpful for easily finding every slab, board, and guide/walk-through in the same place. Ideally, these are published campaigns such as Rime of the Frostmaiden, or homebrew campaigns created by some of the amazing creators in the community.

It’s been a great run and we’re so excited to see what the future holds. As we roll out our next series of changes, look for us push to get more Campaigns loaded, new fun statistics, and more ways for you to show your TaleSpire love.

August TaleSpire and Tales Tavern News

Welcome to August! It’s another great month for TaleSpire and Tales Tavern and we’ve got a bunch of great updates. New badges, some exciting results from July’s charity stream, and big announcements for this month and beyond!

Badges! Get your badges here!

This month we wanted to add a bit more fun to the site. Starting soon Tales Tavern accounts have achievements you can complete to earn badges to show on your creator profile. Simply head over to your profile page and you can see what you’ve earned, as well as what you have yet to earn. You can also view other creators’ profiles and see what they’ve done so far. We have designed one special badge for the creator of the month that shows up next to the creator name throughout the site. And that brings us to…

Istallri Astra named August Creator of the Month

Yes, it’s been a long time coming…okay a few months really. If you don’t know who he is, or haven’t seen his work, then where have you been? You can read a bit more about him at https://talestavern.com/august-creator-of-the-month-istallri-astra/ or on his wonderful TT profile. Istallri is an amazing, creative, fantastic builder and a long-time friend of the Tavern. We’re glad to feature him and highlight his incredible work!

Need a guide? We’ve got one for you.

We’ve had a few guides out for a while but never officially listed them anywhere, so the new TaleSpire Guides Page has been made public and added to both the home page and in our navigation menu. Right now the main guides are for those starting new with TaleSpire (terminology, players guide, and sharing guides) but we hope to have more in the future.

Asset Replacer Officially out for Patrons

Last month we mentioned this but we put a few more tweaks in our asset replacer tool. You can find it at https://talestavern.com/asset-replacer/. Currently as we work through any potential issues, we have it available to all our patreon supporters, which you can join at https://patreon.com/talestavern. One of our goals is going to be working on new enhancements to this tool and then taking it public for everyone to use, though patrons will have an enhanced version available as we get that working.

Tales Tavern Tweaks

Well besides the bigger tasks, we did a number of tweaks and bug fixes to the site. One of those is adding the ability for collections and campaigns to now have multiple images. This is mostly going to be of use for campaigns and soon we’ll be rolling out some more pages and layout changes to more properly display our Campaign Page. We’ll also be rolling out additional changes in August such as new pages to feature slabs/boards, campaigns/collections, creators and much more.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charity Event and Minis!

Last month, BlueBoxRPG and LordGosumba hosted a charity event to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We’re proud to announce the stream raised over $8,000 (double the goal) for this wonderful charity. During this very special event DemongundIstallriJonny Ree and Jason (Dwarf) from Bouncy Rock, and myself played in TaleSpire as the “Company of the Bounding Boulder” . It was a great time, some serious shenanigans and a special rock were involved. Plus, Bouncy Rock released a new Bounding Boulder mini asset pack just for the event.

If you’d like to check it out you can see the stream on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgpjHrUZ7B8

Dimension 20 – New Season using TaleSpire!

And now for probably the biggest news of all. If you haven’t heard, Dimension 20 will be using TaleSpire for their new season, which starts on August 18th! You won’t want to miss the dnd shenanigans.

Not only is this exciting for TaleSpire, but our own Istallri and Brother Hanaan created the battle boards they’re using. You can see the trailer below with some of their great creations.

But wait, there’s more! If you haven’t already noticed, there’s new minis in the trailer. Many of these were imported from HeroForge. There’s no official date yet, but Bouncy Rock confirmed they are working with HeroForge and so something is coming soon to allow import of minis! I told you we had big news!

That’s all we have for this month’s Tales Tavern update! Keep your eyes peeled for quality of life changes to the website and if you have questions talk to us in the community Discord. Thanks for your everlasting support adventurers!

August Creator of the Month – Istallri Astra

Welcome to August! And another featured creator of the month. This month we’re back to covering one of our creators that has been here since the beginning of the TaleSpire Beta. Istallri is not only one of our more prolific creators, he’s also given back so much to the community we just want to do him justice, and no matter how much we say, it won’t be enough.

Istallri is definitely a big time geek and cocktail lover, but he’s done so much more for the TaleSpire Community, lets see if we can list some of it.

YouTube – First he has an Amazing youtube channel with build tips, guides, trailers for TaleSpire packs, and much more. Whether you need building tips, photo tips, or simply want to watch his amazing visuals on his creations, you must check it out!

Charity – Istallri not only played in the BlueBox RPG Charity Stream for St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital but also helped to create the video of the whole charity stream

Community – Not only is Istallri got great tutorials but he helps out others though his amazing video editing skills and even helped create our logo and a few graphics for Tales Tavern.

Despite all this he’s had time to create 3 Free Fantasy Adventures with Tolkraft that you can get at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/18585/Dendrobat-Prod that include so much, including maps for TaleSpire.

Oh, and before we forget, he and Brother Hanan both created all the amazing battle boards for the upcoming season of Dimension 20. Wow! Check out the new Dimension 20 trailer.

What can we say? This community wouldn’t be the same without him and we here are proud to feature him as the creator of the month. Great job Istallri! We’ll be in touch to get you your Tales Tavern mug and t-shirt.

Featured Istallri Slabs

Enter to win a Steam Gift card and more!

July is an exciting month here at the Tavern. We’ve got a lot in the works and wanted to give you a heads up on it all. Check what we have below. There’s something for everyone:

St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charity Event

BlueBoxRPG is hosting a charity streaming event with LordGosumba to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We’ll be providing more details soon, but block out time on your calendar on Saturday, July 17th at 2 PM CST (Noon PST/3 PM EST). During this very special event you can see Demongund, Istallri, Jonny Ree and Jason (Dwarf) from Bouncy Rock, and myself, the Mad Wizard of Tales Tavern as we play D&D and support a very worthwhile charity. Come to watch the fun, or if just to see what kind of stupid crazy moves we make.

Tales Tavern Author Search

On the Tavern you’ve always been able to search for slabs and boards by creators by searching their names. To further simplify finding your favorite creator, there is an option to search for creator profiles, specifically. Just change the drop down to ‘search creators’ on the ‘results’ page or on the ‘browse by creator’ page. You can easily find your favorite creator by typing their name. It displays their four most liked submissions and you can click to their profile as well.

Need some Ko-fi? Coffee?

Ko-fi is another way to support your favorite creators. Besides the links to their twitch, youtube, and patreon pages, creators can now add a link to their Ko-fi page on their creator profile. Because any creator can use more Ko-fi !

Slab Asset Replacement Tool in Beta

Last month we rolled out our Slabalyzer tool that analyzes and optimizes (mostly removing duplicate) assets, but now we’ve got more cooking. Our Slab Asset Replacement Tool will allow you to remove or replace tiles and props in a slab. This tool also updates the slab format from V1 to V2 (it does not replace the actual deprecated assets at this point).

We’ve got a lot of plans for this tool with both a free version and an enhanced Patreon only version. For now we’re rolling out this in beta to our Patreons at any support level. If you want to check it out and help support this site in developing new tools, you can find our Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/talestavern .

Note this is a very first blush and there are a lot of hiccups we’ll have to work through, but wanted to get it out so you can play with it and help us make sure we catch them all and we make this as useful as possible.

Badges! I do need stinking badges! And a chance at a Steam Gift Card

Well, enough serious work, we wanted to add some more fun interactivity on the site. So we’re rolling out new badges you can earn later this month. Post a slab, earn a badge. Post a lot of slabs, get another. Like something, comment, etc. now you’ll get rewarded (if only in a small way) for being active on the site.

Before we do that, we want your input. We could spend all our creative juices coming up with titles, images, etc. for the badges. But why do that when we can bribe you to do the work? Simply take the survey below, and let us know your creative ideas for what badges we should give out, what they should be named, and what images should be used. We’re using TaleSpire asset pics for the badges, so it will take some creativity. And come up with your best D&D or TTRPG names for the badges. Let’s have some fun with this.

Everyone who fills out the survey will get entered. And if we use any part of your idea (name, image, etc) we’ll give you extra entries into the drawing. Go crazy, have fun, we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The deadline to enter is July 16th so we can review and pick a winner and announce it the weekend of July 17-18. Thanks in advance for everyone who enters!

Click here for the Tales Tavern Badge Survey

June Creator of the Month – Squid

Welcome to June! And to our second creator of the month. This month, you the community, picked our winner. We looked at all the new creators since Early Access began and you voted. Squid was voted as our creator of the month and besides getting accolades from the community, we’ll also be sending him a Tales Tavern mug and t-shirt.

Squid is 29 year old from the UK and has been playing D&D for only 3 years. Despite this he has already turned out to be a great creator and supporter of the community. He’s active in the TaleSpire discord as well as part of our collaborative Rime of the Frost Maiden build team. You can see many of his builds as part of the full Rime of the Frost Maiden TaleSpire Campaign build and he’s been a huge asset there.

Squid uses TaleSpire as his wind down after work, and also preparation for his weekend campaign he runs. Squid truly is a community asset and in his own words, “Sharing creations and building together is what truly makes TaleSpire special and I look forward to seeing more from everyone.”

We here at TalesTavern can’t wait to see more from him and we’re so glad he joined the collaborative build. And really proud to showcase him as our June 2021 creator of the month. Great job Squid.

Below you’ll find a few of his builds, and please follow him as there will be many more to come.

Featured Squid Slabs

Help us pick the June Creator of the Month

TaleSpire has many great creators that have been building since Alpha or early Beta. But this month we want to look at the new creators. Those who have only had the software since Early Access release are the ones we want to to focus on this month.

So help us out, and simply go visit our list of new TaleSpire creators and vote on who you want to win. Help them earn the accolades of their peers, and a little recognition and a gifts from us here at Tales Tavern. It’s as simple as that. You must be logged in to vote. Click here to go and start voting.

The voting will stop on May 31st so we can announce the winner on June 1st.

TaleSpire Campaigns are Live!

Tales Tavern is proud to announce our latest addition. Our new TaleSpire Campaign Library is officially launched. We wanted to start a place to start showing off full campaigns created that can be run in TaleSpire. These can be either published campaigns such as Rime of the Frostmaiden, or homebrew campaigns created by some of the amazing creators in the community.

So now, as you want to play your TaleSpire game, if you don’t have time to build out everything, and if pulling together slabs and boards aren’t fast enough, simply come and find the campaign you want to run and download the needed assets, slabs, boards, PDFs, and whatever else to make your TaleSpire game amazing.

May Creator of the Month – Gengus4

We’re kicking off the celebration of TaleSpire Early Access with our first featured creator of the month. For May 2021, our creator of choice is Gengus4.

Gengus has been a prolific digital creator with 79 slabs published on this website since November 2020 and growing. At this point he’s created more slabs than any other member, but quality isn’t lost with the sheer quantity of content. His slabs have incredible complexity and are simply beautiful while also quite useful to game runners. In the TaleSpire beta they’ve been used consistently for live games and it’s always an incredible experience.

You can see all his slabs and boards on his Tales Tavern Profile Page, or by simply searching for Gengus4.

Gengus, besides being an amazing content creator, is also a dad. He shares his TaleSpire passion with his son which is always fantastic to see. He’s been playing adventure games and designing boards for approximately 25 years with friends and family, and has played Heroquest and Warhammer for 35 years.

We here at Tales Tavern are proud to feature him as our first creator of the month and look forward to his many more creations to come! It’s so hard with so many slabs to pick a favorite, but below is linked a splendid selection so you can get a feel for the impressive quality of work.

If you want to support him further, he has a Patreon Page where you can help sponsor his “hobby” and a Youtube Channel with his growing library of videos.

Featured Gengus4 Slabs