February 2023 Creator of the Month – DAP0L0

This month we’re excited to recognize another great creator in the community, DAP0L0!

DAP0L0, got into Talespire purely out of the love of building. DAP0L0, is fascinated with castles and uses Talespire as a creative outlet. Of course he’s got an edge on many of us growing up in German surrounded by many castles, and working towards a masters in mechanical engineering. This means we all benefit from the realism in the creations. Lately he’s found using Baldrax’s terrain generator has helped make surroundings quicker for their wonderful creations.

Now for some quick fun facts about DAP0L0 and his creations:

  • Has been building for about two years
  • Over one year of that (520 hours) was spent on building one monster map with over 320,000 assets [board link]
  • Has only played one game in Talespire and not even on his own maps
  • Creates a lot more maps that aren’t released
  • Loves to create big maps with lots of detail, but mostly builds based on suggestions and what he want’s to do and build

His most recent creation was in conjunction with our January 2023 Creator of the month, Blackwolf Majik and can be seen in the featured boards below.

Congratulations DAP0L0 on all you’ve accomplished and we can’t wait to see what more is to come.