About Tales Tavern and the Crew

What is Tales Tavern?

Tales Tavern is a project dedicated to TaleSpire and the amazing TaleSpire Community. We want to simply provide a great resource for the community and it’s creators so that TaleSpire can become all that we believe it can.

Why create Tales Tavern?

We love games. We love D&D. And we love TaleSpire. Even this early on we see great potential and since we can’t help build it, we figured the best way to support it was create a great resource to help everyone get up to speed, use TaleSpire, and showcase what it, and the community can do. We can’t wait to play D&D regularly with all that TaleSpire can, and will be able to do.

Who created Tales Tavern?

Tales Tavern was created by a father and son team, Don “The Mad Wizard” and Justin. Simply put, we’re a pair of geeks who love computers and D&D and TaleSpire makes a great outlet for both.

I, Don, started playing D&D back in 1978 when AD&D was first launched. I’m a father of four, including triplet boys, and husband to my wonderful wife. Many of the best memories were the gaming marathons, party wipes, and rolling more characters than you can count. Today I still have my original AD&D books and some of the dice. The dice bag I handed down to Justin when he started playing. And now it’s great to be able to play with all of my family.

Justin started interest in D&D when he was young, mostly when I’d make up D&D stories on the drive to school. But it wasn’t until late in high school and college that he grew into a true D&D fan. He started DMing a weekly game almost from the start of college and it continues to this day. And yes, he still has the old dice bag his dad gave him.