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  • May Creator of the Month – Gengus4
    We’re kicking off the celebration of TaleSpire Early Access with our first featured creator of the month. For May 2021, our creator of choice is Gengus4. Gengus has been a prolific digital creator with 79 slabs published on this website since November 2020 and growing. At this point he’s created more slabs than any other member, but quality isn’t lost with the sheer quantity of content. His slabs have incredible complexity and are simply beautiful while also quite useful to game runners. In the TaleSpire beta they’ve been used consistently for live games and it’s always an incredible experience. You … Read more
  • TaleSpire Guide to Sharing/Using Slabs and Boards (Maps)
    So here you are, about to create your first build in TaleSpire but you’re staring at a blank board and unsure where to start. Maybe you’ve got a game you’re going to be running in an hour for your players, and there’s no way you can build something that will make you or them happy in time. Well, you’ve found the right place to solve that problem, and with this guide you can put together an amazing adventure in Talespire in minutes! FYI, this guide is also helpful if you’ve created an amazing creation in TaleSpire and you want to … Read more

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