TaleSpire Slab and Board (Map) Library

What are Slabs in TaleSpire? A slab is the generic name of a creation created in TaleSpire. This is created through use of the various assets in game. This can be simply some foam grass flooring, to massive buildings and structure. There are limitations when copying in and out of TaleSpire for sharing slabs, but the many creative minds have found unique ways to make them incredibly useful. Some do it all by providing multiple pieces in collections and using maps to show you how they connect together. Others create collections with reusable modules, so you can quickly slap together entire cities or towns. This is the incredible flexibility in TaleSpire and the minds of the various community creators.

Boards in TaleSpire allow you to share an entire board (where a slab is part of a board). They allow you to share more, but aren’t as fit for mix and match like slabs are. This is also known as a map. So if you’re talking about a TaleSpire map, you’re talking about a board.

If you are looking for a mass of TaleSpire slabs or boards, you’ve found it. From here you can drill down to any categorization or tag on slabs and then browse them to your hearts desire.

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