January 2023 Creator of the Month – Blackwolf Majik

It’s January 2023 (and been a while, hey life happens) and the creator of the month is back!

Blackwolf Majik got into Talespire, not because of some grand plan, but because of a funny D&D Video. The video had a blurb to check out Talespire, and the rest is history. She missed the kickstarter, but has been on fire ever since getting the program.

Blackwolf Majik has over 700 hours in Talespire, and loves making decorating kits so people can use them in their own creations. In particular loves the feeling of taking unrelated props and creating something entirely new. Now dubbed by some as the “Ikean Empress” because of her lighting and fireplace kits, she has worked her way into our hearts.

Some of her favorite works are shown below but her favorite is working with Ooiittee on the Castle Ravenloft interiors along with her work in progress Court of Stars. She loves to collaborate with others and believes that the community coming together, sharing, and building on ideas makes it truly special.

Make sure to check out all the wonderful creations, they’re even fun to just browse (don’t ask, I got lost smiling as I went through some of them).

Again, congratulations Blackwolf Majik on your amazing builds, and please don’t leave us for Ikea, we’d miss you.

262 Assets22.25w x 21.5d x 5.75h
146 Assets12w x 3.25d x 3.5h
594 Assets11.25w x 10d x 7.5h


3 thoughts on “January 2023 Creator of the Month – Blackwolf Majik”

    • Thank you so much! I literally could not have done this without you Ooiittee. You were there for my earliest work and have pushed me to get better every time.
      This win is as much yours as it is mine, /hug

  1. A little late but huge congratulations!
    It’s always a joy to find some of your incredible builds and put them in my boards for my players to marvel at 🙂

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