November Creator of the Month – BrotherHanan

We’ve reached November and our next to the last creator of the month for the year! This month we feature a creator who doesn’t just think outside the box, he isn’t anywhere near it.

BrotherHanan, dubbed Lord of Kinetics after a petition in the TaleSpire Discord, is the incredible mind behind some of the most notable and unique creations you’ll see in TaleSpire. He started an entire discord group who developed a modular system for quickly building modern cities (Mod City) which was impressive enough. But he also built giant monsters, huge and creative vehicles, and eccentric structures like Baba Yaga’s Walking Hut. Months ago he went dark…. Turns out that he and Istallri were busy collaborating with College Humor’s popular D&D Show, Dimension 20: The Seven!

Well now he’s BACK in action with a fistful of new creations to share, and all of the official Dimension 20 battlemaps are now available for you to sink your claws into– along with the rest of his ridiculous constructions! He’s also recently discovered a love for live-streaming, where he has just crafted a crazy Dwarven City Set, complete with Statues!

BrotherHanan wants to thank you for being a part of TaleSpire, and is sending lots of love from Canada. 🍁

You can click Here to join his Discord Community, or enjoy some extra perks and support him on Patreon by Clicking Here!

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Featured BrotherHanan Slabs & Boards

October Creator of the Month – Demongund

It’s October! Okay, yeah you probably already knew that. But what you didn’t know, until you read the title, is that Demongund is our October creator of the month. If you’ve been around TaleSpire for any length of time you’ve probably heard him, seen him, seen his work or any of the above.

He has been around here since the start of Beta, and has created some of the highest quality work in his builds. Forge of Fury and Curse of Strahd are his standouts and he’s got full collections you can check out. Curse of Strahd Collection and Forge of Fury Collection.

He’s collaborated with Istallri, Hollofox and the modding community, worked with John from BlueBoxRPG and has an incredible patreon where he interacts and creates incredible encounter boards. He has two youtube channels one for Demongund and one for Virtual Tabletop Journey, plus we even have some things going on with him that are in the works now and can’t wait to see them. So he’s one busy guy.

But who is Demongund? He’s a dad and long time video gamer. He loves building maps and creating quality work for TaleSpire and it shows.

Great job again and congratulations Demongund! Keep up the good work.

Featured Demongund Slabs & Boards

6480 Assets75w x 67d x 38.5h
5954 Assets71w x 60d x 18.75h
4110 Assets56.25w x 25.5d x 59h
3773 Assets64w x 65d x 21.75h

Hero Forge, Dimension 20, Demiplane and much more!

The month of August and early September brought us so much more in the world of TaleSpire and Tales Tavern. So much I can barely keep it all straight, but let’s give it a go anyways!

Hero Forge Integration Coming

Hero Forge Integration Confirmed!

On September 1st, Bouncy Rock officially confirmed that Hero Forge integration is coming to TaleSpire. We don’t have an official release date yet and there is much to be done, but it’s coming. They’ve told us there will be more information about this awesome partnership coming later this month.

Now one concern that has been brought up is the cost, so let’s clarify a few things: First, Hero Forge integration is NOT Tale Weaver or a replacement for it. Tale Weaver is still to come and will allow you to create in-game items for free. So if you don’t want to spend, you don’t have to. Hero Forge integration is simply an additional feature in the software.

Second, at present there aren’t any known discounts for Hero Forge minis. Hero Forge is still a separate business and so pricing is theirs to control. Minis can be bought one at a time or through subscriptions if you want to get a bunch and save some.

Dimension 20 now using TaleSpire

We mentioned this announcement last month but wanted to give a quick update. Dimension 20‘s new season “The Seven” began a few weeks back, but this week they finally showed off TaleSpire in live seesion. The combat began as the heroes raced for their (and their beautiful horse’s) lives. Luckily the warrior geese arrived as well to help them. If you want to check it out, subscribe to Dropout TV to catch up on all the story and see the beauty of TaleSpire and Hero Forge in action.

Demiplane for TaleSpire LFG

Bouncy Rock also announced that they are partnering with Demiplane to help players find games to play using TaleSpire. You can connect with it at . It’s still fairly new so we’ll see how it grows, but fingers crossed that it will another good resource besides Reddit and the TaleSpire Discord.

New TaleSpire Status Effects, Coloring and Bookmarks

Knockdown and Colored Status Rings

Yes, as if that all wasn’t enough, in the last month we’ve had a number of exciting announcements about updates to TaleSpire.

First, we got bookmarks. You can create create personal markers which allow you to search in the board panel or even create web links that go directly to a location in TaleSpire. This is definitely a great addition for players and builders alike.

Next came knockdowns, the first persistent miniature effect in TaleSpire. Now you can knock a creature prone for whatever reason, whether they were grappled and shoved, or completely knocked out. Thanks to the first of hopefully many mini updates, you can now visibly see this inside the game.

On top of that, we got colored base rings. Now the rim of your minis can be colored, not only just for fun but also to denote certain status effects if you want. This is a fantastic quality of life addition to help with the bookkeeping that is involved in any tabletop roleplaying game.

New Creator of the Month

Just a quick shout-out to Gogots as our new September creator of the month. He’s done a fantastic job and you can read all about him in our formal announcement. Stellar building and keep up the good work!

Asset Replacer Released to the Public

Phew, as if we didn’t have enough going on this month. We’re releasing our asset replacement tool to the public. Visit a slab and it will tell you every asset within, moreover you can replace existing assets using this wonderful little piece of tech! Full disclosure, it’s still early so if you run into issues please don’t hesitate to let us know. Also, not all assets have the same layout and rotation, so while the current version simply replaces, it doesn’t add rotation or movement to the items being replaced (that will be in a future version). So have at it and turn those taverns into dungeons (well sort of) quickly and easily!

Coming Soon! Tales Tavern Store

Yes, that’s right: we’re soon going to be launching a new online store! Buy your Tales Tavern gear and the proceeds go to supporting the site so we can keep it running and add sweeter features. Or you can even design your own gear and purchase it, which we’ll have sent directly to you. If you don’t need gear and still want to support the site, we also have our Patreon which helps fund the tavern and keep the lights on. This is a labor of love but anything to help is more than appreciated!

New Tales Tavern Layout

After a very long time of being focused primarily on slabs and boards, we felt it was time to start helping promote new things that are coming in the world of TaleSpire. In order to foster that we’ve added some new categorization on the Tales Tavern home page, with pages devoted not only to TaleSpire slabs and boards but also to TaleSpire Campaigns and Collections, TaleSpire Creators and TaleSpire Resources. We have a lot more planned (including a new Mini database coming, Updated FAQs, New Tools, and possibly Modding info) but this starting step will help expose more of this one of a kind group of people to each other!

This is all a work in progress so if there are things you’d like to see more of or other ideas you think would help, please come join us on the Tales Tavern Discord. We’re open to hearing it all in hopes of making the best site possible for players, GMs, creators and all of the TaleSpire community.

Thanks for being a Great Community

To close out, I just wanted to post another shoutout for this awesome group of people. Without everyone doing their part – from GMs running games, players playing, creators building fantastical creations, streamers getting the word out, and of course the team at Bouncy Rock – TaleSpire wouldn’t be what it is today. I know I personally can’t wait to see where this goes.

Thanks for your time and passion, we look forward to being your online VTTRPG home for many sessions to come!

September Creator of the Month – Gogots

We’ve made it to September and we’re excited to announce our fifth creator of the month. Gogots is a new creator who was chomping at the bit during Beta and jumped on TaleSpire as soon as Early Access went live. He’s come out of the gate guns blazing and has an impressive array of slabs and boards already with 48 slabs and boards and many of them put into some great collections of modular pieces.

Gogots has been creating maps for role playing games for a long time. First of course in 2d, but now with TaleSpire he’s moved on to 3d and we’re glad to have him. He loves being able to share what he creates as it’s something he’s always done and TaleSpire lets him continue this tradition.

As another french speaker, like our previous Creator of the Month Istallri, he also makes tutorial videos in french you can see at .

As mentioned he’s created a lot of modular slabs such as the set at and we’re excited to see more to come. He also creates many complex slabs for his games that you can see some featured below or check out his profile for more.

As always we’ll be sending him a Tales Tavern mug and T-Shirt in appreciation for all his hard work. Great job again and congratulations Gogots!

Featured Gogots Slabs & Boards

by gogots
538 Assets18w x 18.25d x 21h
by gogots
1047 Assets34.25w x 34d x 9.75h
by gogots
808 Assets17.75w x 17.5d x 28.75h