Fourth Beta Key Giveaway Announcement

Yes, you heard it right. Our fourth beta key giveaway is starting September 1.

We’ve done a couple of drawings and a scavenger hunt. This time it should be much quicker and easier. We’ll simply have a survey to get your opinions on some things TaleSpire and Tales Tavern related. That’s it. Simply give us your opinions and you’ll be entered into the drawing. We’ll post all the nitty gritty details on September 1 so keep an eye out. And good luck!

Tales Tavern Building Contest Coming Soon

Well it’s been on our minds for quite a while but we’re finalizing our plans now. Soon we’ll be launching a new building contest for the TaleSpire Community. We’ve got a few ideas to not only add some fun but really showcase the creativity of this amazing community. We’ll notify you hear along with other places in the community but if you’d like to help with ideas, or judging, or anything, let us know. We expect to have the full announcement by mid September and start the contest October 1. So get those TaleSpire building skills prepared.

New Content Type: Resources!

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce another new content type: Resources! This generic content block can include anything from links, to videos, to images, to write ups to further flesh out your collections. Use the top navigation menu to create a resource and view your previously created ones on your profile page. The old “Resources” tab has been renamed “Useful Links.” As always if you have any questions feel free to message us on the discord. Go forth and create TTers!