Share or not to share, that is the question

Okay, I’m not William Shakespeare. But I wanted to post a quick update for everyone on a few fronts. The first, and primary, is a new setting in your user profile page.

New Sharing Permissions

Are you creating amazing slabs and boards? Would you like to have those shown to others on streams, social media and the like? If so, or if not, we have a new setting you can change in your profile settings. The new setting asks if you are okay with having your creations shared by others (with appropriate credit of course), or not. There are three settings for Yes, No and “Ask” if you aren’t sure or want control as to what is shared. Basically this allows others like Bouncy Rock, Tales Tavern, or any others to know your preference and share appropriately anything you create. They still will give credit, they’re still yours, but sometimes others like to show off what can be done and this simplifies the process of getting your approval.

See below for the question as it shows when editing your profile.

The new Sharing Options

And what it looks like to others on your profile page.

The Sharing Permission displays on your profile page

Over 7,000 Creations now online

Another fun fact, we hit over 7,000 creations back at the beginning of the month. I’m always impressed by this community and with continual new updates and assets released by Bouncy Rock, it’s fun to see what you all do with them.

Check us out on Twitch with BlueBoxRPG and Demongund!

I will be on the BlueBoxRPG’s Twitch Channel for Loremaster’s Arcanum talking about TaleSpire on March 29th starting at 3:30 PM CST. Come join in and hang out and chat. We’ll be talking about all things TaleSpire and future plans for Tales Tavern as well.


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  1. Awesome, I noticed recently though that the creator profiles don’t actually show descriptions or a bio of any sort even though you can make one on your account profile – IDK if you are aware or if I’m missing something…

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