March 2023 Creator of the Month – Baldrax

Another month, another creator standout to be recognized, Baldrax!

Baldrax has been playing D&D for about 40 years and has always been a big fan of 3d terrain. He loved the idea of TaleSpire and was an early backer and convinced his gaming group as well. After one of his first creations, the bandit hideout Seinaru Heikiko was finished, that there must be a better way to build out the terrain. 30 hours just on terrain for one map was too much.

He’s been in the Visual Effects industry for 30 years, and so combined his hobby and profession to create his Terrain Generation Toolset in Houdini, a procedural 3D VFX software package. The 1st map he made, Dolgan’s Peak, was too big for TaleSpire, he crashed the game before he could paste all the slabs. So he took a step back and had to be less ambitious. Now he can create complex terrains in a small fraction of the time of hand-building them, able to build out custom maps in under half an hour if the bioms are already created. The toolset is available on github, but it takes a lot of his time to develop so he recently launched a Patreon to help give him incentive and guide the project.

Most of his maps are experimental as he’s developed the tool but he’s planning on publishing more refined maps in the future. He does do more than terrain and has several maps in the final chapter of the Jade Regent adventure path that he’s GM’ing (to be released once they’re refined). He’s also been working on his own version of Caves of Chaos.

He created the Yester Hill map for Demongund and VTT Journey, one of his most polished maps, and is starting to work with BlueBoxRPG on some upcoming projects.

He’s also started streaming on his Twitch Channel on thursday nights if you’d like to check out TaleSpire and his terrain generation development.

Congratulations Baldrax, you’re an asset to the community and the things you’ve done so far are amazing

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