April 2023 Creator of the Month – Ooiittee

This month we’re celebrating a creator that’s been around a while and worked with a number of others in the community and a great supporter of Talespire, Ooiittee.

Ooiittee, is truly an artist when it comes to building. He is more about making the art than actually building to play. As someone into RPGs and building for 30 years, Covid forced him to turn towards VTTs. Ever since he’s left his physical terrain building behind. The friends he’s made in this community have been amazing and truly uplifting to him. He loves this community and working with new and existing builders alike and has collaborated with many. Most recently collaborating with the great Blackwolf Majik and Demongund.

He is working with Demongund on Castle Ravenloft and it’s expected to be releasing soon. But you can check out their video clip to wet your appetites now at https://youtu.be/qf_WYebM-XA (video capture by Grimbeard).

He streams building in Talespire on his Twitch Channel and loves welcoming new builders to the community.

Congratulations Ooiittee, you are getting better and better all the time and this has been a while in the making.

Featured Ooiittee Slabs & Boards