July 2022 Creator of the Month – Wheaty Pete

Welcome to July and our next creator of the month. And yes, before you ask, June didn’t happen. Life gets crazy. But on to our new creator.

Wheaty Pete has been creating with Talespire for two years now. He has got some amazing creations and you can tell the amount of time and work he’s put into it.

His backgrounds in game development and cgi have paid off in spades and we’re glad to have him here creating away all these wonderful things for everyone.

When we told Wheaty Pete about his being selected, here’s what he had to say:

“I’d just like to say being the creator of the month is fantastic and I cant be more thankful for the support everyone has given me, I have a background in game development and CGI so being able to get something out of Talespire that satisfies my creativity and gives all my fans something awesome to use in their next campaign brings me a lot of joy”

If you’d like to support him, check out his Patreon page where you can support and help pick out future builds and get access earlier to them.

He’s also got a youtube channel featuring many of his builds if you want to check it out.

Below are just a few of his amazing builds.

Again, congratulations Wheaty Pete on you r amazing work and from here at TalesTavern we can’t wait to see what you’re building next.