May 2022 Creator of the Month – PrincessP0Pcorn

Welcome to May! Yes, this got done WAY too late due to life and illness. But then again, that’s the theme this month. We’re celebrating PrincessP0Pcorn. An accolade long past due.

PrincessP0Pcorn has been with Talespire since the Kickstarter Beta launched and quickly found exactly the obsession they needed to transition from a freelance editor to a professional DM full time. They currently run 10 DnD campaigns in the same active homebrew setting. Everything you see built in Talespire is a map their players play on at one point or another. Want to join in on their next adventure? Send a message to their discord at PrincessP0Pcorn#8888

Outside of Talespire, PrincessP0Pcorn loves to spend countless hours trying out different strategy/turn-based games like Civilization 6. P0Pcorn admits that most of their time is consumed by the ever-expanding void that is Destiny 2, and can’t wait for Bungie to reprise the Taken King raid this summer.

Happy Building!

♥ If you love their work, please consider tossing a few coins to your builder. Your support helps P0P make TaleSpire a Valley of Plenty! ♥

Below are just a few of her builds, but what she’s most proud of are her many collections to help the community. Check them out on her profile page.

5010 Assets40.75w x 55d x 16h
3940 Assets46.5w x 81.5d x 22.25h


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