April 2022 Creator of the Month – LastRickey1987

Welcome to April! This is it, our first full year of creator of the month profiles.

As it’s such a big milestone here, we wanted to really do something different this time. Something we never have done before and that’s feature a new creator who you probably have never heard of but we believe has such promise it was worth pointing out.

So with no further ado, our creator of the month is LastRickey1987.

He’s only posted literally one slab, but that one shows such promise that we had to feature it. The complexity and depth of the build, rivals so many of our past creators. Plus, this slab includes never before found hidden RWBY assets. He did a great job with the video showcasing them so don’t miss it.

Outside Talespire, he’s an artist and family man. He has a wife and a daughter. His daughter has a masters degree in fine art and is now also a film producer.

Well congratulations LastRickey1987 for being our April 2022 Creator of the Month. Great work, and can’t wait to see what you create next.

Make sure to check out his board right here. And I wanted to also say thank you to HolloFox for bringing this amazing creator to my attention or I would have missed it.