August News – 5000 Slabs/Boards and CyberPunk Released

Well, it’s been a crazy month here. Not only did Covid hit my family hard, but for TaleSpire it’s been a big deal. This month is a quick article, not because the news isn’t big, it’s HUGE! But mostly because my family has been sick the past week and a half in various portions, so I’m just trying to catch up.

The 5,000 Slab and Board count broken!

Yes, we did it. We broke 5,000 Slabs and boards on the Tavern in July and in fact we’re now over 5,200 as I write this. It’s been a crazy ride. In fact, looking back at our history, we gained over 2,800 slabs and boards in the last year. And with the next bit of news, that has only accelerated.

CyberPunk Assets Released for TaleSpire!

Yes! They’re finally out, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about it. Everyone is so excited and it’s great seeing all the new creations. In fact, on our new SciFi Archive we’ve already got over 40 new slabs and boards. Keep them coming folks.

Thanks for your support!

I just wanted to say than you for our Patreon supporters. We’re looking into also adding Ko-Fi, Tales Tavern Gear, or other subscription options to keep the site going. So thank you for those that help support the site to cover some of the growing costs involved.