Tales Tavern now over 2,500 slabs and boards

We’re so excited to announce that Tales Tavern now contains over 2,500 slabs and boards from beta and early access. It’s been fun to see us close in on this milestone. The initial burst from Early Access was particularly interesting to watch. Gengus, one of our very own builder’s of the month, pushed us over the top with a simple selection of houses slab.

It’s great to see that we average nearly 14 slabs and boards each day. Although some days fluctuate, this amazing community continues to grow. My next goal is to see us hit 5,000 slabs and boards. We also want to achieve 100 campaigns built (we’ve got a ways to go on that one). In case you missed it, our TaleSpire Campaign Library is a hub for more resources beyond a single slab. A campaign is helpful for easily finding every slab, board, and guide/walk-through in the same place. Ideally, these are published campaigns such as Rime of the Frostmaiden, or homebrew campaigns created by some of the amazing creators in the community.

It’s been a great run and we’re so excited to see what the future holds. As we roll out our next series of changes, look for us push to get more Campaigns loaded, new fun statistics, and more ways for you to show your TaleSpire love.

Enter to win a Steam Gift card and more!

July is an exciting month here at the Tavern. We’ve got a lot in the works and wanted to give you a heads up on it all. Check what we have below. There’s something for everyone:

St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charity Event

BlueBoxRPG is hosting a charity streaming event with LordGosumba to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We’ll be providing more details soon, but block out time on your calendar on Saturday, July 17th at 2 PM CST (Noon PST/3 PM EST). During this very special event you can see Demongund, Istallri, Jonny Ree and Jason (Dwarf) from Bouncy Rock, and myself, the Mad Wizard of Tales Tavern as we play D&D and support a very worthwhile charity. Come to watch the fun, or if just to see what kind of stupid crazy moves we make.

Tales Tavern Author Search

On the Tavern you’ve always been able to search for slabs and boards by creators by searching their names. To further simplify finding your favorite creator, there is an option to search for creator profiles, specifically. Just change the drop down to ‘search creators’ on the ‘results’ page or on the ‘browse by creator’ page. You can easily find your favorite creator by typing their name. It displays their four most liked submissions and you can click to their profile as well.

Need some Ko-fi? Coffee?

Ko-fi is another way to support your favorite creators. Besides the links to their twitch, youtube, and patreon pages, creators can now add a link to their Ko-fi page on their creator profile. Because any creator can use more Ko-fi !

Slab Asset Replacement Tool in Beta

Last month we rolled out our Slabalyzer tool that analyzes and optimizes (mostly removing duplicate) assets, but now we’ve got more cooking. Our Slab Asset Replacement Tool will allow you to remove or replace tiles and props in a slab. This tool also updates the slab format from V1 to V2 (it does not replace the actual deprecated assets at this point).

We’ve got a lot of plans for this tool with both a free version and an enhanced Patreon only version. For now we’re rolling out this in beta to our Patreons at any support level. If you want to check it out and help support this site in developing new tools, you can find our Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/talestavern .

Note this is a very first blush and there are a lot of hiccups we’ll have to work through, but wanted to get it out so you can play with it and help us make sure we catch them all and we make this as useful as possible.

Badges! I do need stinking badges! And a chance at a Steam Gift Card

Well, enough serious work, we wanted to add some more fun interactivity on the site. So we’re rolling out new badges you can earn later this month. Post a slab, earn a badge. Post a lot of slabs, get another. Like something, comment, etc. now you’ll get rewarded (if only in a small way) for being active on the site.

Before we do that, we want your input. We could spend all our creative juices coming up with titles, images, etc. for the badges. But why do that when we can bribe you to do the work? Simply take the survey below, and let us know your creative ideas for what badges we should give out, what they should be named, and what images should be used. We’re using TaleSpire asset pics for the badges, so it will take some creativity. And come up with your best D&D or TTRPG names for the badges. Let’s have some fun with this.

Everyone who fills out the survey will get entered. And if we use any part of your idea (name, image, etc) we’ll give you extra entries into the drawing. Go crazy, have fun, we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The deadline to enter is July 16th so we can review and pick a winner and announce it the weekend of July 17-18. Thanks in advance for everyone who enters!

Click here for the Tales Tavern Badge Survey

New Tool: The Tales Tavern Slabalyzer!

The days of wondering about the size of map files in BouncyRock’s digital tabletop simulator are over! As of today, TalesTavern will now show detailed statistics attached to every slab posted on the site. Each thumbnail will accurately display the number of assets used in a particular slab, as well as their overall dimensions:

Thumbnail view.

A more detailed breakdown is available when viewing an individual slab. This breakdown shows how many assets are used, as well as the number of unique assets in its composition. Most importantly, the site shows how much data is contained within each slab, shown in the example below:

Slab page.

This functionality goes beyond a posted slab however. Any user can access this information by using the Slabalyzer, which is located under the Slabs and Boards tab from the home page here: https://talestavern.com/talespire-slab-analyzer-optimizer/

This fantastic tab displays the details on a slab string, while removing duplicate assets and minimizing the overall codelength. This is helpful for understanding how large a single slab is before it gets posted to the archive. Consider running kitbashed assets through the Slabalyzer before mass producing the object, as they may take up more space than expected.

As of this moment, there is no way for the site’s tools to reveal the same data sets for posted boards. A board uses an in-game URL instead of a string of characters, so for now the site automatically optimizes every posted slab as though it was run through the Slabalyzer. There’s more exciting work coming around the corner, so stay tuned for all things TalesTavern!