Welcome Dimension 20 Fans!

Welcome to Tales Tavern and the world of TaleSpire. As many of you Dimension 20 fans may be experiencing this for the first time we wanted to make sure you got a warm welcome and some good tips on TaleSpire.

What is TaleSpire?

TaleSpire is a 3D Online Virtual Tabletop Simulator built for playing Tabletop Role Playing Games, most often D&D 5e or Pathfinder. Anything is possible/ We’ve even seen some creators build boards for games like Warhammer. One benefit, among the many that exist, is truly being able to visualize the scenes when playing. You can watch your characters (and monsters) explore the world like never before instead of imagining tall buildings, chasms, and dungeons. When your Tabaxi rogue runs up the wall to swing off the rafters, it happens in front of your friends.

What is Tales Tavern?

Well besides the site you’re on now, it’s a place where creators post boards, slabs, campaigns and much more for players and GMs alike to share and reuse. You don’t have to build everything yourself: just copy, paste, and start playing. Why work when you can be lazy and cheat recycle other boards?

How do I get started?

Well I don’t want to bore you with too much, but we put together a few guides that may help you get going quicker. Once you’ve bought TaleSpire (or even before) you can go through some of these to understand how the game works with our website.

Dimension 20 Board Creators

You may have come here wondering about who created the wonderful boards used in Dimension 20, well, you’ve found the right place. Those beautiful boards were created by Istallri Astra and Brother Hanan. You may want to check out some of the amazing boards on their profiles.

Other Resources

If you want some other resources, here’s a few to check out: