Tales Tavern now over 2,500 slabs and boards

We’re so excited to announce that Tales Tavern now contains over 2,500 slabs and boards from beta and early access. It’s been fun to see us close in on this milestone. The initial burst from Early Access was particularly interesting to watch. Gengus, one of our very own builder’s of the month, pushed us over the top with a simple selection of houses slab.

It’s great to see that we average nearly 14 slabs and boards each day. Although some days fluctuate, this amazing community continues to grow. My next goal is to see us hit 5,000 slabs and boards. We also want to achieve 100 campaigns built (we’ve got a ways to go on that one). In case you missed it, our TaleSpire Campaign Library is a hub for more resources beyond a single slab. A campaign is helpful for easily finding every slab, board, and guide/walk-through in the same place. Ideally, these are published campaigns such as Rime of the Frostmaiden, or homebrew campaigns created by some of the amazing creators in the community.

It’s been a great run and we’re so excited to see what the future holds. As we roll out our next series of changes, look for us push to get more Campaigns loaded, new fun statistics, and more ways for you to show your TaleSpire love.