TaleSpire Campaigns

Welcome to our new TaleSpire Campaign Library, where you’ll find the latest news and updates regarding campaign material.

What is a campaign and how is it different from a TalesTavern collection?

Campaigns are meant to be fully-packaged sets of slabs, assets, materials and even subcollections that you can use to run a full D&D, Pathfinder or other tabletop campaign in TaleSpire. These may be items required to accurately run published campaigns from various sources, or homebrew campaigns you’ve built and want to share with others.

Collections are groups of assets, slabs and other materials that you’ve grouped for any number of reasons (personal use, simple groupings of slabs of particular types or locations etc). Show off your TaleSpire builds to others or keep the groups of your favorite builds for yourself. Take your time browsing the diverse digital media at your game master’s fingertips, all for use within Bouncyrock Digital’s virtual tabletop platform!

Recent Campaign News

  • TaleSpire Campaigns are Live!
    Tales Tavern is proud to announce our latest addition. Our new TaleSpire Campaign Library is officially launched. We wanted to start a place to start showing off full campaigns created that can be run in TaleSpire. These can be either published campaigns such as Rime of the Frostmaiden, or homebrew campaigns created by some of the amazing creators in the community. So now, as you want to play your TaleSpire game, if you don’t have time to build out everything, and if pulling together slabs and boards aren’t fast enough, simply come and find the campaign you want to run … Read more

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