February 2022 Creator of the Month – Scarnor

Welcome to February! This month we’re featuring Scarnor as our creator of the month.

Scarnor has been building since beta and ever since early access and as we get closer to a full scale launch has been more proactively building.

He’s also a good friend of fellow creator, Istallri, and so they’ve worked together on a number of big projects.

He’s a big RPG video game player, and has lost endless hours to mods on Skyrim and Oblivion (so many CTD). The TES series has a big impact on his building style and visions he brings to life in TaleSpire. He keeps in mind how dungeons work in TES and then tries to reproduce the same in TaleSpire.

Outside Talespire, he’s an illustrator and a concept artist. He loves drawing monsters, maps and even character sheets! A part of his work can be seen here : https://www.instagram.com/antoine_amelin/ . Personally I find this very impressive.

Well congratulations Scarnor for being our February 2022 Creator of the Month. Great work, and can’t wait to see what you create next.

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