January Creator of the Month – PsiaBaba

Happy New Year from Tales Tavern! This month we’re featuring PsiaBaba as our creator of the month.

PsiaBaba joined the TaleSpire creation bandwagon back in June of 2021. He missed the kickstarter by a day, and kicked himself ever since until he could finally get it in Early Access.

A map building enthusiast from childhood he would draw battle maps and tape them together for his toy soldiers, and it hasn’t gone away. Theme Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon all the way up to Cities Skylines fed his need.

Well now he finally got TaleSpire and we’re so glad he has. The constant perfectionist has to fight his urge to nitpick his way through things and so intentionally pushes to release things before he would ‘consider them done’, because, they’d never be done.

Hey also loves drawing, chess, and apparently can never have enough tea.

Well we just want to say congratulations to PsiaBaba for being our January 2022 Creator of the Month. Great work, and can’t wait to see what you create next.

Featured PsiaBaba Slabs & Boards

5443 Assets32.75w x 24.5d x 17.25h
4493 Assets63.75w x 45.25d x 18.75h


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