Salt and Wind – Dungeon

Author: Scarnor
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Version: 1.0
Created On: June 10th, 2021
Last Updated: June 11th, 2021

I am proud to present to you one of my biggest board to date. About 2 months of work on it. But I really enjoyed creating this 2-part map.

.: Village Board :.

– Dungeon Board: You are currently on this board

– The indicative Board: talespire: // published-board / U2FsdCAmIFdpbmQgLSBIZWxwaW5nIEJvYXJk / 73894ffa4b3ab2912aae798247cfeee7

There are actually 2 linked boards, one and the village and the other and the dungeon and one optional. Almost all the houses in the village have hidden entrances giving access to the keep which is located underground. The dungeon being complex because of that, I made an indicative board which allows to understand which entry of the village leads into the dungeon for the GMs. I hope you will have a lot of fun playing on this map! Scarnor

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