May Creator of the Month – Gengus4

We’re kicking off the celebration of TaleSpire Early Access with our first featured creator of the month. For May 2021, our creator of choice is Gengus4.

Gengus has been a prolific digital creator with 79 slabs published on this website since November 2020 and growing. At this point he’s created more slabs than any other member, but quality isn’t lost with the sheer quantity of content. His slabs have incredible complexity and are simply beautiful while also quite useful to game runners. In the TaleSpire beta they’ve been used consistently for live games and it’s always an incredible experience.

You can see all his slabs and boards on his Tales Tavern Profile Page, or by simply searching for Gengus4.

Gengus, besides being an amazing content creator, is also a dad. He shares his TaleSpire passion with his son which is always fantastic to see. He’s been playing adventure games and designing boards for approximately 25 years with friends and family, and has played Heroquest and Warhammer for 35 years.

We here at Tales Tavern are proud to feature him as our first creator of the month and look forward to his many more creations to come! It’s so hard with so many slabs to pick a favorite, but below is linked a splendid selection so you can get a feel for the impressive quality of work.

If you want to support him further, he has a Patreon Page where you can help sponsor his “hobby” and a Youtube Channel with his growing library of videos.

Featured Gengus4 Slabs