July Creator of the Month – type_omega aka Workshop Panda

Welcome to July! And to our third creator of the month. This month, we decided to find someone who creates a lot of unique builds in that they create slabs that anyone can use to speed up their building game. Workshop Panda stuck out and so we wanted to make sure everyone could learn a little more about him. As a reward, as if the admiration and thanks of TaleSpire builders isn’t enough, we’ll also be sending him a Tales Tavern mug and t-shirt.

Panda is very active on the TaleSpire discord and already has 35 builds to his name. He’s built a number of interesting and fun builds and then a lot of showcase builds to display and help speed up your building. The most fun activity though is watching his “middle name” as it changes every few days depending on his mood. You better go check it out to find out what it is now.

We here at TalesTavern can’t wait to see more from him and we’re so glad he joined the collaborative build. And really proud to showcase him as our July 2021 creator of the month. Great job Panda.

Below you’ll find a few of his builds, and please follow him as there will be many more to come.

Featured Panda Slabs