the emerald cave
Author: GENGUS
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: November 28th, 2022
Last Updated: January 13th, 2023

game settings light circles,,,set at 11 and 12,,,

exposure set too  -0.2,,,,, music tundra,,,,ambient dungeon,,,,these where the settings used while i was building,,,,loads not shown and the pictures don’t do it justice,,, 

Massive thanks to psiababa for the really cool trees at the entrance

hi ,,just to let you know ,,,i now have a discord page  gengus#8366,,,and you will be able to get premium exclusive builds there,,,and if you so wish and like my stuff i now have a donation page with ,this is just for a little support for coffee and the odd biscuit or two,,,thanks

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2 thoughts on “the emerald cave”

  1. Can you give more details about your cave? Like what’s the lore behind it, what’s special about certain rooms, what kind of enemies would a party expect to run into? I feel like I want to use this map, but I dont have a clue what for without any info to go off on.

    • Basically let your imagination run wild,,, little cave areas can hold nothing or anything that lives in the dark,,, go look for possible items or treasure,,, explore,,, add a large beast or not,,, or just have loads of those new Beatles running around,,,, or just meat the emerald keeper,,, what ever you think that your adventures would like

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