The barons working mining village
Author: GENGUS
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: June 15th, 2022
Last Updated: November 6th, 2023

Please don’t forget to hit the like button 👍a massive thanks to ISTALLRI for making the amazing video,and to PSAIBABA for the tower roof tops so thanks guys… The bastard Baron’s community and treacherous mine.there is now an add on to connect to the mine,,,(the collapsed cavern) the second add on is the thieving goblins .THE STORY TO THE BARONS PORBLEM IS WITH THE    THIEVING GOBLINS, there are 4 objectives to choose from or do all 4.if needed .with it. Please raise the water to the top of the red Cross so that it gets a lighter red,,,for the collapsed cavern and the barons boards   Check out the video,,, loads not shown in the pictures and video, plus the

if you like my stuff i now have a donation page with ,this is just for a little support for coffee and the odd biscuit or two,,,thanks



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6 thoughts on “The barons working mining village”

  1. This is an incredible build. Second-best castle on Tales Tavern after Istallri’s. I was surprised to see you abandon Patreon so quickly. I have a successful Patreon, but it took me years to build. I’ll give you the same advice I gave to Istallri: put your content exclusively on Patreon: at least the biggest pieces like this. Then you’ll see how quickly people will sign up. I hope you’ll give it another try, if the money is important to you. It is important to me, and that’s why I stuck with Patreon for nearly 5 years now. You have to be as patient with it as you are with your builds.

    Are we going to see the backstory to the baron at some point? Will you connect the tunnels to the castle for us?

    I am looking forward to everything you make.

    • Wow thanks for the kind words and support,, your 100%right ,, about the Patreon thing,,, am a bit of an old boy and get lost with these sort of things,, but I believe tales tavern is going to start up a page for builders so I think I’ll be joining it which also will help support the tavern as it’s growing huge and quickly,,, i will get to doing the story behind the baron,,, when I release the thieving goblins. I haven’t joined the extra boards because of frame rate,,, and I thought it best to keep them separate,,, for people who have lower end machines,,, so many thanks again,,, all the best and keep well👍

      • Yes I think for people like me, buying separate pieces might be better than subbing to 20 Patreons. Hopefully the Tales Tavern owner will be able to set something up that will work for everyone. There’s so much excitement with TaleSpire, I check for news five times a day at least lol.

        • Hi just to let you know that the last section of this board is up,,with the barons storyline,,,if you don’t want the slab which isn’t huge,the story is there just to read,,,thanks for your support,it’s nice to get feed back

          • Yep I saw it yesterday, nice work. I will make the baron be the illegitimate son of the king in Istallri’s castle.

            Looking forward to your next builds!

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