fire and ice,,, temple of the 2 elemental swords,,,
Author: GENGUS
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: December 19th, 2021
Last Updated: January 13th, 2023

Ok the board has been upgraded with the ice  and larva assets and tweeked,,,please set the water height to the  top of the cross,, then the mauve indicator to match and the white slider to the middle,,,then set the circle indicator’s to 11 and what ever to suit,,,last the brightness to set under the o /p approx these settings where used when building this board,,,,but hay adjust it to suit your needs This place has been abandoned for centuries,, apart from the odd adventure who may have entered to shelter from the weather,,, all that remains is the ancient magic and elements,,,, the fire and ice,, what awaits you who knows ( only the gm) ok,,,,the two gates to the swords are locked and can not be opened by magic ,strength or any other means other than the keys,,the areas can be seen into,,,the keys are in the crystal chest,,,2 keys one red = fire and one blue =ice (a matrix thing)do they take the blue key or the red key,,,,,,,,, only one should be taken,,,if they take both the statues will animate and attack,,,,,choose how many that will attack them,,,and maybe something big and nasty comes out of the tomb,,,if they survive one of the keys will vaporise,,,roll 1d6 for each key the lowest number goes. the area with the burning chest ,has nothing inside and the room adds  nothing to  the adventure,,its just there for the looks,,,but of course that’s up to you .., ,,, there’s loads not shown One more thing,,, there are areas that have no route path,,, these need magic to get to them,,,, in a chest there’s a magical swinging rope,,, just throw it into the air and hold one end to swing across any distance,,, the chest is through the large door on the right. Note the lava flows over some areas of the ground,,, you need to time your movement or use the magic rope if found      

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