June Creator of the Month – Squid

Welcome to June! And to our second creator of the month. This month, you the community, picked our winner. We looked at all the new creators since Early Access began and you voted. Squid was voted as our creator of the month and besides getting accolades from the community, we’ll also be sending him a Tales Tavern mug and t-shirt.

Squid is 29 year old from the UK and has been playing D&D for only 3 years. Despite this he has already turned out to be a great creator and supporter of the community. He’s active in the TaleSpire discord as well as part of our collaborative Rime of the Frost Maiden build team. You can see many of his builds as part of the full Rime of the Frost Maiden TaleSpire Campaign build and he’s been a huge asset there.

Squid uses TaleSpire as his wind down after work, and also preparation for his weekend campaign he runs. Squid truly is a community asset and in his own words, “Sharing creations and building together is what truly makes TaleSpire special and I look forward to seeing more from everyone.”

We here at TalesTavern can’t wait to see more from him and we’re so glad he joined the collaborative build. And really proud to showcase him as our June 2021 creator of the month. Great job Squid.

Below you’ll find a few of his builds, and please follow him as there will be many more to come.

Featured Squid Slabs