Underdark Terrain Encounters

Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: June 16th, 2021
Last Updated: June 17th, 2021
Terrain: Underground
Type: Caves

These terrain maps are the first three of 20 or so based (loosely) on the random encounter table in Out of the Abyss. RAW these are mostly mechanics to run as theater of the mind and help portray travel distance and time in an alien setting. That being said they all have the possibility to roll in conjunction with a combat encounter so I figured I might as well make them. They will make interesting insert locations for any underdark campaign. I am considering these unfinished because I think they still need a detail pass. Once they are done I will post them as individual slabs.

Included areas are crystal clusters, fungus cavern, and high ledge.

Once again thanks to PrincessP0Pcorn, Verin 뚱냥이, and GENGUS4 for the fantastic mushrooms. I highly recommend anyone setting out to make underdark maps try them out. You can check out their slabs here. https://talestavern.com/slab/underdark-mushroom-assets/ and https://talestavern.com/slab/mushrooms/

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