Tropical Island Outpost Refinery with Helipad [Updated]
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Other, SciFi
Created On: October 1st, 2023
Last Updated: October 13th, 2023
Terrain: Docks, Island
Creative Commons Lic. Attribution

Designed to be as versatile as possible, this island base includes a variety of generic features like:

  • Control rooms
  • Barracks [Updated with new lockers/furniture – Oct 13, 2023]
  • Refinery/engine room
  • Large docking/launchpad area (use as dock or landing pad, or both)
  • Large bunker-like door (your decision where it leads)
  • 3x storage tanks (perfect targets!)
  • Storage rooms
  • Helipad
  • Loading docks

Overall the island is designed with a stealth mission in mind, with multiple entry-options. Observant players will reveal them as they explore.

Guided map tour:


The island could be its own scenario, or just the entry to something bigger. Once the players get through the large blast doors, it’s up to you what they find.

A few ideas for what this location might be:

  • Refinery (something is pumped up from the ocean floor and picked up by either ships or airships)
  • Supply Outpost (important location in a vast ocean, perhaps on a distant planet covered in water)
  • Research Facility
  • Repair Depot
  • Island Fortress (add some turrets!)

Hope to hear what you come up with and how it’s used in your game!


Got a request for a map? Let me know in the comments below. I love building for DM’s.
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1 thought on “Tropical Island Outpost Refinery with Helipad [Updated]”

  1. This is without a doubt the best sci-fi set we have. Istallri’s are too jumbled to produce a pleasing effect. If you zoom in on some of his buildings, he has some excellent ones, but when he puts them together, the overall effect isn’t pleasing unless you find very particular camera positions and angles. I am talking about his sci-fi stuff, not his fantasy of course.

    I would encourage you to focus more on sci-fi, because we have precious few sets, and most of them aren’t that good. I wish we had more so I could run a campaign, but it looks like we’re years out from that happening. If I were you and had your talent and skill, I’d work on building CY_BORG stuff like Istallri. It’s a cool new game with a small setting, so it’s possible to map out a significant portion of it. Otherwise I would say work on Cyberpunk, but we have that entire city in CRPG form now. I wonder when it’ll be possible to just extract that entire city from the game and plunk it in a VTT and roleplay properly in it.

    Anyway, I am rambling. Awesome sci-fi stuff, I can’t wait for more.

    P.S. Your pics are also awesome because, among other things, you don’t show the edge of the map, which destroys immersion. I wish Gengus and other top builders would learn to do this with their screenshots too.

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