the lost temple and the book of secrets(portal mayhem)
Author: GENGUS
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: April 1st, 2022
Last Updated: January 13th, 2023

please raise the water to the top of the red cross so it goes a lighter red,,,and add a very light fog….so the portals,,, two colors blue and yellow,,,these portals are one way only,,,(very important),,,the blue are to entre,,,,and the yellow are exit,,,,at the beginning,the first portal is blue,,,and by it is a skeleton this guy went through the wrong way and had his skin flayed from his body,he saw a gold orb and thought that that would do and decided to leg it ,but unknowing to him he didn’t know that the portals where one way…

the book of secrets lies in the centre and can only be gotten from above,,there are two guardians inside the cave bit… so they got the book now the adventures have to find away out,,,to enter the portals they have to go through the centre large   blue main portal then they can choose which portal to go to,,,again blue to yellow,,,so they have to enter and find the blue portal,,once they have entered the blue portal they are taken down to the large yellow portal and so on untill the exit is found,,,,,,hide volumes are in place,,,,if the adventures find the exit to quickly or have had enough the exit section can be cut and placed onto two other locations if needed ,,cut them between the red tiles,,,these will help you line them up when replacing them,,,,you will see the red tiles on the other sections oh and the book cant be opened inside the temple,,,,and when they can ,,,,,,hahaha its impossible to read, ,, OR it tells them where great wonders and enchanted items lay,,,, but when they leave the books safe temple the writings fade away so hide volumes are in place so am not going to show to much I have placed a few beast here and there,,, just for my building effects,,, so I can get a feel of things,,, so you need to place your own or and keep them,,, anyway this board took a bit of time,,  I hope you enjoy it, and get a few hours out of it,,, many thanks Ok,,, I was just going to pinch some bits for my next build and I found a mini that I LOST. At the second part of the entrance cave, you can see his sword sticking out the floor rocks😃please rescue him,,,, hmmm might be another one to else where but not sure,,,, I use them to make sure things work and for scale,, and often lose or forget about them hehehe,,, sorry.

if you like my stuff come check out my discord channel,,,

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