Forsaken Temple
Author: Zarnidan
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: December 28th, 2023
Last Updated: December 27th, 2023


A temple to the Dragon King worshiped regularly while worshippers don’t even suspect the temple is built on the remnants of more ancient tomb. Would your heroes find the way down? What is to expect down below?

Hide Volumes

The old tomb is split into two sections managed by two hide volumes. You may want to delete them if you want to use small hide volumes created for the light sources in the tomb. I created multiple torches, bearing in mind the players may try to ignite them to get some light. For exactly this purpose you will find hide volumes for extra light sources next to torches (just allow Light in the settings of the hide volume to get extra light).

The trap door

The trap door is hidden beneath the altar on the first level. You may need to move the altar. The idea for the puzzle here is up to the DM. Mine is to use the strength to move the altar or place something that belonged to the buried there person, so the altar will move and reveal the trap door.

The puzzle

The idea of the puzzle here is that the doors are closed and have to be opened with two levers pulled down simultaneously. The problem is that pulling them without a prerequisite will petrify the levers users. There are four statues. They have to be open in a certain combination: for my campaign, it would be only two statues open kinda guiding to the doors (the blue flames would indicate the correct combination (see the hide volumes next to statues). It’s totally up to you 🙂 Just created some playground for you

The final door

The final tomb has traps on the entrance that damage badly + poison adventurers entering. There is another lever in the vault on the left before the final room. It has some junk, and the lever is hidden behind. It deactivates the traps. After this, adventurers may enter the final chamber freely. Unless, they meet the wraith or whatnot. All up to you, my friends.

If you use this one, let me know how you played it.


P.S.: The first chamber is 95% inspired by Divinity Original Sin 2 (Kem’s vault for reference).

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