Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden – Amber Rage – 6th adventure – Final Step – Part 1 – Road to Sothmere Wilds through Wichford

Author: Elseny
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: October 12th, 2023
Last Updated: October 11th, 2023

Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden – Sixth adventure – Final Step – part 1 – Road to Sothmere through Wichford

My heroes know that it is possible to avoid the mountain pass so I update my previous map.  I used the Eldretshafen + Mage’s Floating Castle by OctoJesus as the main board with the XXL Mountain Encounter Board by Gengar. I modified them using Modular Hills and Cliffs (empty inside the volume) by D.Luis-II, Coniferous Forest Slab by Firefly, Mixed Forest Slab by Firefly, Quick HD Dense Forest Slabs by MorgN-the-Hated, and Large Forest Area by Winglysimmer.


Dragon Age Massacre en Ferelden – Sixième aventure – L’utime étape – partie 1 – La route jusqu’à Sothmère à travers Wichford.

Mes héros savent qu’on peut éviter de passer par les montagnes, j’ai donc mis à jour ma précédente carte. J’ai utilisé le Eldretshafen + Mage’s Floating Castle de OctoJesus comme plateau principal avec le XXL Mountain Encounter Board de Gengar. Je les ai modifiés en utilisant Modular Hills and Cliffs (empty inside the volume) de D.Luis-II, Coniferous Forest Slab de Firefly, Mixed Forest Slab de Firefly, Quick HD Dense Forest Slabs de MorgN-the-Hated, et Large Forest Area de Winglysimmer.

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