Encounter Board #24 – Lava Train

Author: Demongund
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: January 7th, 2024
Last Updated: January 6th, 2024
Terrain: Canyon, Cliffs, Desert
Type: Train, Vehicle
Virtual Tabletop Journey presents the a ready-to-play DOOMGEON floor! This map was made possible by VTTJ Patrons!
This floor is designed as a CR 4 train wave event with a CR 5 boss. The primary tileset/theme is railway badlands.
This floor contains hide volumes setup for a series of wave encounters, culminating in the boss.
Feel free to use it with whatever system you like! If you want to remove the tokens, they can easily be removed by selecting them all with the lasso and deleting them.
  1. Place player tokens on the flatbed behind the coal car.
  2. Wave 1 – Reveal the car ahead as it crashes into the engine.
    1. 2x Battle Hammer Dwarves, 4x Clockwork Bronze Scout (Thunder)
  3. Wave 2 – Reveal side car, elementals jump to the flatbed. Griffons approach from the cliff.
    1. 2x Earth Elementals, 2x Griffons
  4. Wave 3 – Reveal the Weaponized Bipedal Mech as it runs up alongside the train.
    1. 4x Quad-Barrel Thunder Cannon, 3x Mobile Tri-Barrel Thunder Cannon
    2. Defeat the stationary cannons to destroy the mech, or damage legs.
  5. I recommend the opportunity to rest before the boss
  6. BOSS – Reveal the Titan Bulldozer behind the train as it slams into flatbed car.
    1. 1x Cathedral Bulldozer Driver
    2. 2x Shield Dwarves
    3. 2x Ogre Bolt Launchers
    4. 4x Mobile Tri-Barrel Thunder Cannon (treads)
    5. 8x Furnace of Moradin
    6. Defeat the driver, furnaces, or treads to destroy the bulldozer

Floor Resources

  • Full encounter pages are available at DnDBeyond (a token on the board also contains links)
  • This encounter chart contains new homebrew creatures and bosses!
    • Creatures
      • Clockword Bronze Scout (Thunder)
      • Mobile / Stationary Tri-Barrel Thunder Cannon
      • Quad-Barrel Thunder Cannon
      • Cathedral Bulldozer Driver
      • Furnace of Moradin
  • An environment block for quickly switching to the default settings.
  • Hide volumes pre-configured.
  • Tokens placed (feel free to move them) at max HP.
  • Backup slabs for the bulldozer, mech and flatbed are included (in the event you need to delete and move them).


  • Set the Fog to Glowing Heat and raise it to cover the area under the board.


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