City of Vale: Human Capital City

It is the biggest city build I have ever done.

Meet Vale! Vale is the city of my homebrewed world—the capital of one of the human kingdoms. This city is a beacon of trade, politics, and many other things. Many guilds originate from here, and many scholars and merchants live here. Hence, you will find many shops, guild halls, libraries, universities, etc. The city has a massive fortress and many layers of walls.

It features anything you would want in the city (except for sewers; they are in progress).

Credits: WIP (I’ve been taking many slabs here and there, I lost count, I will be adding them here as I go)

If you see your slabs not credited, let me know, and I will credit it.

Sample Collections/Campaigns that include this slab

5 thoughts on “City of Vale: Human Capital City”

    • Thanks! I want to create a separate sewers board for this city. Maybe some countryside parts. The biggest stopper for me is that currently it’s on the edge of performance, gives me about 40 fps on average. I imagine an expansion would bring the numbers down…

      Thank you for sharing the links! Used these from the slab browser, was a bit hard to track them down to TaleSpire. Will add the links to the body when I get around my desktop

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