The Web of All Torment
Author PseudoWyvern

I am very excited to present my TaleSpire build for DCC’s Web of All Torment!
This is a Horror module for Halloween that hits so many notes of a game I’ve been wanting to run for YEARS.  It starts off as a psychological horror game but becomes so much more as you have to make difficult choices that could mean life or death at any moment.  At least, that’s what the players are meant to think as the enemies in this demiplane are actually meant to cause as much Torment as possible, killing a PC is only a last resort to them as their god uses the player’s trauma during the story as fuel to bring nightmares to people across the world.

But death is still highly likely depending on the player’s actions.

Please let me know what you think and even better if you plan to run the game let me know how it goes!!!

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