Call of the Netherdeep
Author prad

Collection image is official art for the adventure by Robson Michel, @robmichel_art.

Boards for the below scenes, at last count:

C1 – Emerald Grotto (map)
C1 – Prayer Site of Sehanine (location)

C2 – Emerald Loop Road (location)
C2 – Emerald Loop Caravan Stop (map)
C2 – Demonic Carrion (encounter)
C2 – Crashed Wagon (encounter)
C2 – Barbed Fields Road (location)

C3 – Bazzoxan (location)
C3 – Dilapidated Temple in Bazzoxan (location)
C3 – Betrayer’s Rise (maps of two separate floors + prayer site)

C4 – Life Dome in Ank’Harel (location)
C4 – Ank’Harel: Alluvium Gardens (location)
C4 – Ank’Harel: Maw of Cael Morrow (location)
C4 – Ank’Harel: Sigil District (location)

C5 – Cael Morrow (map)

C6 – Netherdeep (map)

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    • Can’t wait to check them out! Your Bazzoxan map was one of the first I found and made me really excited to be able to use TaleSpire with my upcoming Netherdeep playthrough. So many different community members have made some great maps and I really think we’re just seeing the start of the what all will be created and be available to the community for this adventure.

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