West’s Modular Forest

Author: West
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: Beta - Dragon
Created On: May 4th, 2020
Last Updated: May 4th, 2020
Type: Nature

This modular tile system allows you to create decent looking vast forests at quick rate. All modular tiles are placed on 1 foam piece (8×8 tile.) Currently there are 3 categories of tiles for this system.

Pure Forest Tiles

  • 4 Hilly forest tiles
  • 1 Rocky Forest Tile

Cliffside Forest Tiles

  • 2 Straight cliff face tile
  • 1 Inner corner cliff tile
  • 1 Outer corner cliff tile

Road Forest Tiles

  • 3 Straight road tiles
  • 2 90 deg turn road tiles
  • 1 Three-way intersection tile
  • 1 Four-way intersection tile


I typically put down foam pieces to at varying height to give a rough map of my board, then choose modular pieces to sit on top of the foam. I start with key features such as a road or cliffsides I know that I want, then fill in the rest. As I put down tiles, I rotate and place them intermittently to help keep obvious patterns from emerging. With the modular system laid out, I then decide where/if I want any more specific details and edit my board from there.


I may in the future add some more tiles or create other sets to work with this set.

Sample Collections/Campaigns that include this slab

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