Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Version: 2.0
Created On: September 20th, 2021
Last Updated: September 20th, 2021
Type: Cart, Farm, Vehicle

After posting my first build (a Druid themed wagon used by my Giant Elk form), I made improvements to the chassis by adding axles and modified the tongue (pull mechanism) to show as connected to the axles instead of the frame. I made two variations of the tongue, one for a large single animal to pull (i.e. Giant Elk) and another tongue for 2 or more animals to pull (a wagon is typically pulled by 2 or more).

The wagons in this slab as follows:
my original druid wagon
a druid wagon for single large animal
a druid wagon for 2 or more animals
flat bed with barrels
one for fish to market
a farm wagon
an emissary wagon
a war wagon transporting a battering ram
a lumber wagon
a market wagon
a prison transport
a funeral procession wagon
a holiday wagon

The sky is the limit, use your imagination to build your own variant. o7

Slab Statistics

Slab Size: 3.8k out of 30k (12.6%)
Slab Dimensions: 58w x 10d x 4.5h
Asset Count: 586
Unique Asset Count: 76
Tile Count: 258
Prop Count: 328

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