Town of Infinite Life

Author: jesse_080778
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: January 20th, 2023
Last Updated: January 20th, 2023
Terrain: City
Type: Village

Pure insanity.  I call this the Graphics Card Fryer.  If you have a nice Rig and want a town that tells a story grab this Board.  I like to slide the water up as high as the grass edge to create the flooded mines.  Don’t mind the Huge Astral Sharks that feed on the magic there.  The all-powerful Wizard runs this town.  He keeps the Valley of Brambles at bay with mysterious magic.  He also purifies the water from the Valley of Brambles using new age magic and inventions.  Water elementals are in his employ as well as the entire town.  The town itself is carved inside the Valley of Brambles so there is only one way in and one way out.  The food grown here gives the villagers Infinite Life Spawn as well as insanely high amounts of energy to work sixteen-hour days.  Happiness is in great abundance being jacked up on magic food and hard cider.  There is a strange mystery that hovers of this majestic town.  No children exist here, visitors are only allowed to stay one week to conduct business, and the Wizard Derrick only appears on Friday nights at the local Inn.  He has an open invitation to ALL Bards of the world.  He teaches these bards a magic tune that leaves the town weeping at the end of the song.  It’s a tale of Wizard Derrick’s life and his long-lost love Charlotte.  After the song ends the villagers shuffle home in quiet somber reflection.  Shortly afterwards the Friday Night Storms roll in.  Lightning cracks throughout the night as the Wizards Palace absorbs all the strikes to continue to power his inventions.

Can the party unravel the mysteries of this town?  Will they win favor with the Wizard?  Can they help reclaim the mines?  Will they broker trade agreements to transport food that has restorative properties?  Can they get out before one week passes?  This is DM gold.  Enjoy my friends.

PS  I would normally post pictures but it’s so epic it might make you cry.  Download today and toss me a Heart.

Several Assets are from the community.  I’ll have to track down exactly who contributed what.  Gengus made the Inn.  There was a farmland asset I used.  The butchery was copied.  The warehouses copied.  A 4 pack of shops was copied.  And a Cathedral was copied.

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