The Pathfinder
Author: Sqrat
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: February 3rd, 2024
Last Updated: February 3rd, 2024

Another ship (made before the actual ship assets were a thing). A BIIIIIIIIG ship. This is the map that really stressed the playability of maps for players. It’s possible but know it’s though on this map with the low ceilings. So if I were to redo this map I would make a few changes such as 10 foot high rooms and hallways.

This is a large ship with living quarters a temple, jail cell, barracks, kitchen, library. You name it this ship probably has it. No, there isn’t a Brothel. I guess I lied.

Again, as with most maps. This one has been played on. So odd stuff is probably a result of that

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