Hags Lair, Huge Swamp

Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy, Other
Created On: May 26th, 2023
Last Updated: June 13th, 2023

The Hags Lair

Swamps are not the safest places to venture at night, but doubly so when a hag is nearby. With powerful magic to shape the terrain around them, what evils are they capable of? Find out in this truly epic board fit for your adventure. The hags lair features a kitchen, bedroom, potion lab, giant cauldron, and evil green crystals used to harvest life force. With traps and secret doors galore, this map is perfect for your next high level adventure.

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3 thoughts on “Hags Lair, Huge Swamp”

  1. Poap asked me my thoughts when designing this map for a hag encounter, so I’ll list them out here for anyone else…
    The motivation…
    Like all hags, this one is vain. She wishes to restore her former beauty so she can use her powers of seduction and magic to rule the land.
    The swamp came from a blood ritual cast by the hag to gain power over nature. She sacrificed her lover, who is a skeleton on top of the skull. The stone hags head came from a stone shape spell to create a lair for her to practice her dark magic.
    This can either be a lair for a very powerful single hag, or by adding a few beds it could be the lair of a coven of lesser hags.
    The green crystals on the map are repositories for life force harvested from the swamps and victims.

    There’s one at the top of the rope ladder inside the skull. A bear trap for disabling someones hand when they try and grab the top of the ledge.
    The first doorway has a crossbow trap aimed down the hallway at the door.
    The chest has multiple spring loaded spikes down the hallway. Chest is DM’s desire.
    Her bedroom door has a spike trap out front, and a crossbow tripwire trap behind the door.
    ALL of the crossbows have bells on the ends of the springs to alert her.
    The potion lab (room with purple cauldron) has a giant falling blade trap that drops from the columns. The lil pressure pads trigger it.
    The banquet room/kitchen is a trap for hungry adventurers to eat illusionary and poisoned food. This might weaken the party or kill off dangerous members without a fight (also slogging through the swamp is hungry work).

    Of course she has dark vision, so there aren’t ANY lights in there except for the torture room. So people can see their loved ones getting tortured, and the ladder and grate from there allow the hag to sleep soundly to the sounds of screams and pain.
    The only other lights are the glow of the life force crystal, which appear to be transparent green crystals, but when examined closely appear to have ghostly forms and apparitions swirling within them.
    Feel free to add additional creatures, or other details as you see fit! If she needs more backup, she can probably animate multiple skeletons to fight for her, call upon the denizens of the swamp, etc.

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