The Great Assembly Hall and Throne Room of the Dwarven Kings
Author: Eiven
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: January 18th, 2024
Last Updated: January 18th, 2024

The Great Assembly Hall and Throne Room of the Dwarven Kings

“Listen children: Two millennia ago, a star fell from the sky and laid waste to the kingdoms of old. Mountains were shattered, cities vanished in monsterous waves and molten rock rained death as far as the Islands of the South. The quake it caused, destroyed the home of our ancestors deep below the ground and buried them under thousands of tons of stone or drowned them in redirected rivers. For the few survivors began the most desperate escape there’s ever been. They dug, they hew they clawed their way through the Ever Dark with no food and no hope. They had to crawl like worms towards the surface. Their journey is a story I’ll save for another day, but you need to know this, to understand what this place is:
Those who made it out, had to rebuild their life with nothing but a memory of their former home. They swore though, whilst they couldn’t remake all that was lost, they would at least recreate the royal assembly hall of the kingdom under the mountain. And this is where you stand today: Inside a memory of survivors, a testamony to the skills of our forefathers, that took five centuries to build. Behold its glory!”

This great hall is a special place in my homebrew campaign world, with quite a bit of history behind it. It is where the Hill Dwarves assemble around their ruler and court is held. The inside is a recreation of an underground throne room of the lost home of their ancestors. There are glowing crystals embedded in the ceiling, that represent the night sky.

The tower by the hall’s side houses the signaling bells of the city, that are used to tell time, to give warning of fire or to call to arms. It also houses the respectable tower keeper (who happens to be single parent of a book loving daughter) as well as the realm’s treasury, which is not only doubly locked away and trapped, but also guarded by a mighty golem.

Some parts of the building are only accessable from the tower.

On a general note: This map can also serve as temple with a few adjustments. It could be a stage for a -hopefully- quite epic battle. Or you could have your heroes foil an assassination plot in this location. Or maybe you want to run a heist-adventure, where the “heroes” have to steal something from the treasury.

There is a hide volume with variants of the main gate, if you want it to be closed or fully open instead.
There is also an atmospheric marker with a suggested setting.

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