The Drowned Crypt
Author: Madcat
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: April 23rd, 2021
Last Updated: April 23rd, 2021

The drowned crypt is the last resting places of a feared villain from the past.


There are Hide volumes for each room, the traps in Room 4, and the real door behind the false wall in Room 2.  (it sticks up a long way so that you can access it)

Room 1 – the entry way
Mud provides a few dryer patches of ground, and ferns have a tenous foothold where the light from outside still reaches them.  The walls are breached by roots.  Stone guardians face further into the dungeon.

Room 2 – The cursed flower

The statues point to the true path, but beware the magical flower that blooms here.  An earlier adventurer met their doom, whilst their comrade fled into

Room 3 – The false tomb

The coffin and chest here are lures intended distract thieves from the true treasure of the tomb.  It is here that the partner of the luckless adventure in Room 2 met their doom, whilst waiting for the fell magic animating their friend to fade.  To give themselves a measure of warning in case the door was breached they placed a bear trap in the entrance.

The floor here is a mirror image of the one in

Room 4 – The Hallway

Spiked traps will fire, impaling the careless traveller.  The floor of Room 3 shows a safe path through.  The statues at the far end face towards

Room 5 – The True Tomb

The treasure of the ancient villain, and almost certainly their restless remains seeking to protect their secrets even into death.

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