The Croaking Fane: Dungeon Crawl Classics
Author: PseudoWyvern
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: September 14th, 2023
Last Updated: October 3rd, 2023
Terrain: Dungeon
Creative Commons Lic. Attribution

“Few know of the Toad War, a dark crusade that occurred eons ago in the primordial swamps of the world. In the dim days of history, Man bowed knee to myriad supernatural forces in hopes of fecundity, prosperity, and to assuage their seemingly insatiable desire to sow discord among mortals. Of the many entities honored, few were more loathsome than Schaphigroadaz, the Croaking Despot.”

“The Croaking Fane is designed for 6-8 3rd level characters in DCC, although larger parties can be accommodated by increasing the
number and power of the creatures encountered within the

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Assets used in this board:
Frog Temple – Dungrunglung – Tomb of Annihilation by KuntCnuckle
This map was a blast to make, with 4 differently built areas in one map it’s very exciting to run through.  Big old frog themed dungeon here with absolutely disturbing and deadly encounters.  Cheers to the sick mind that came up with this one, I love it.

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