Sewer Ziggurat, Filter Plant Chamber – Hidden
Author: Demongund
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: November 3rd, 2022
Last Updated: November 3rd, 2022
Virtual Tabletop Journey and all Demongund patrons presents the Secret of the Cistern Ziggurat, a 5e Adventure for Tier 2 characters! Go get it now at Drivethrurpg or by becoming a Patron!
The desert city of Nebaris faces a crisis! The ancient system of wells the city has relied upon has run dry. The water from the wells ceased flowing following a calamitous flash flood which destroyed the royal apothecary. As the building washed away, an unknown number of potions and magical substances drained into the city’s sewer system!
Can your party discover the source of Nebaris’ pure water before the sands reclaim the city!?
This version of the map is the full artistic version, with hide volumes hidden, which I do not recommend be used for actual play! Practical play is what the Game Ready versions are made for 🙂
Board Details
Board Design – Heimdahlr and PrincessPOPcorn, HVs by Demongund
  • Quick environment/lighting blocks (look for the rooster, donkey, kitty, and owl)
  • Three scenes: Sewer Ziggurat Tunnels, Caretaker’s Chamber and the bonus area – the Cistern.
  • A progressive adventure designed to make use of Talespire’s water level feature.
  • We recommend using the Darkness  fog when transitioning to the interior rooms.

Board Variants

Adventure Talespire Resources

  • 3x 2D reference maps to be used in conjunction with Talespire boards
  • Instant import creature blueprint links (one-click to have a token ready in Talespire!)
  • A PDF with detailed instructions for adventure progression, hide volume management and scene transitions.

This adventure includes…

  • A low-narrative style adventure, designed for easy reading and to be quickly dropped into any campaign
  • An exciting progression including descending levels of water
  • A 20ish page adventure to challenge a group of four Tier 2 characters
  • Two full page boss fight profiles, including tactics and quotes
  • Two full page NPCs with quirks, abilities and personality
  • Three progressive 2D maps (each map has multiple water levels!)

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