Sanctum Vipera
Author: jcmancini36
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: Beta - Dragon
Created On: May 2nd, 2020
Last Updated: May 2nd, 2020

This map was recreated from a 2D map that can be found on the following website.

The original creator of the 2D map is Author: 

If you like this recreation in Talespire you should go to the 2D versions website and let the original creator of it know how cool it is and how awesome he is for coming up with it. It was a very fun and challenging map to build and I only hope that I did it justice in his eyes. Hopefully you will all enjoy this map and have hours of fun using it with your group.

Slab Statistics

Slab Size: 14.7k out of 30k (49%)
Slab Dimensions: 38w x 14.25d x 46h
Asset Count: 4448
Unique Asset Count: 49
Tile Count: 4448
Prop Count: 0

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