Rome in a Day
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: November 15th, 2023
Last Updated: January 20th, 2024

Update 3: I’ve added the Greco-Roman pieces Dustdown uploaded to the slab browser. Including Roman City Walls and Towers and a Greco-Roman Townhouse

Update 2: I’ve added an awesome library, bathhouse, and several living spaces courtesy of the awesome Promesheus:

Update: Replaced fort barracks with the fixed version and altered Dustdown’s plateau to be a little more universal by replacing the mosaic tiles with nature tiles. Also added in the fortified wall I forgot along with it’s new shorter counterpart.

Whoever said Rome wasn’t built in a day never owned a copy of Talespire!

Here is a collection of all my work, as well as modifications to amazing builds from Dustdown, Master CZM, Blackwolf Majik, Unknownsmile, Scarnor, Jay4, and !Squid! Most modifications were adding bases, changing roofs, and converting boards to slabs to make them pasteable. Everything in this set can be copy/pasted. Have fun

Dustdown: (Roman Tavern) (Large Roman Market) (Small Roman Farmhouse) (Roman Bakery/Apartments) (Small Roman Market) (Elevated Plateau) (Roman Cauldron Shop)

Master CZM: (Apothecary)

Blackwolf Majik: (Blacksmith)

Unknownsmile: (Roman Temple) (Roman guild/capital building)

Scarnor: (Roman Camp)

Jay4: (Roman Domus) (Roman Villa)

!Squid!: (Roman Bath House)

Sample Collections/Campaigns that include this slab

2 thoughts on “Rome in a Day”

    • The honor’s all mine! Great build man. If I had more patience I’d have hung the vines back on the building. Originally it was going inside my fort but it seems it was more common for the bathhouse to be in the adjacent town as a gathering place between all the different social classes. I’ve got a board that is a loose recreation of Vindolanda with A LOT of creative liberties. I’m not the best at landscaping/terraforming, so that’s holding it up atm. But I hope for it to be done soon!

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