Roman Praetorium (Commander’s House)
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: October 26th, 2023
Last Updated: November 14th, 2023

Update 2: Reworked street to better paste with other slabs.

UPDATE: Removed terracotta tiles and altered street to better paste next to Principia and fit into fort.

Roman forts usually housed a Cohort, a fighting force made up of around 480 soldiers. The Cohort would typically be commanded by a Prefect, who was in charge of the fort. He would make his home in the Praetorium, a lavish house that was built as a display of status. This is actually fairly modest compared to most Praetorium but I wanted it to fit into a slab. The bottom floor of the main house is a lounging and dining area that’s great for hosting parties. The middle floor contains rooms for the Prefect’s live-in servants. The top floor is reserved for the Prefect and his family. The building to the left is a kitchen that has a storehouse on the top floor. The building to the right is a modest bathhouse, complete with a sauna attached.  Just outside are a couple of latrines.

Credit to Master CZM for several furniture pieces (oven, sofas, etc.)

Credit to Dragonologist_Meab for the Latrines

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