Ratchet, Kalimdor, Warcraft

Author: Provaporous
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Version: 1.0
Created On: May 30th, 2021
Last Updated: June 5th, 2021
Version 1,  will update over time.
This has most major buildings to support a game, Bank, shops, observatory, Inn, and docks.
The ship was not made by me. If you made it, PM me and ill attribute you.
Ratchet is the main goblin port in Kalimdor, it is a medium sized harbor city located on the eastern shore of the Barrens directly between Durotar and Theramore.
Language(s): Goblin, Common, Orcish
Location: Eastern Barrens
Type: City
Situated on the east road from the CrossroadsRatchet is the first neutral settlement that most Horde players will come across in their travels. Most of the quests available cater for players between levels 15 and 25, but there are a few higher level quests that emerge later on in the game. Ratchet is a port town governed by the trade princes, and populated primarily by goblins. It is a neutral town, so all races are welcome there.

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