Overgrown Ruins

Author: Ongot
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: April 18th, 2021
Last Updated: April 18th, 2021
Terrain: Outdoor
Type: Camp, Nature, Ruins

After a long day of walking, you spot some ruins on the horizon. It seems like a safe enough spot, so you decide to stop there for the night. After a decent meal sleep finally takes you… but are these ruins really free of danger?

A small map where you can run a camp encounter, enjoy!

Slab Statistics

Slab Size: 2.9k out of 30k (9.7%)
Slab Dimensions: 25.5w x 24.25d x 7.25h
Asset Count: 554
Unique Asset Count: 31
Tile Count: 355
Prop Count: 199

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